Stop Putting Your Hectic Schedule Before Your Health

Far too many of us put our hectic schedules before our health when we shouldn’t do. The problem is that it feels like our work is stacked on top of us, which is why we focus on that rather than on looking after ourselves. The issue is that it’s a catch 22 situation: you know that you need to look after yourself better by staying active and putting the right food into your body, but you’re so stressed out from work that you struggle to think about that. It might be a stressful situation but there is light at the end of the tunnel, and that is, that it doesn’t have to be that way. It is possible to find the perfect balance and ensure that neither your health or your career sufferers because of it. 

Steps to Take Before Starting an Intense Exercise Program

Exercise is always a good thing and it is never too late to start. You can pick up an exercise routine at any age and in any state of health but it is important that you select one that is right for you. If you have any medical conditions you should discuss your plans with your doctor before you start.

To get the most out of your new exercise routine and to give yourself the best chance of keeping it up there are a few preparations that you should make.

Stop Underestimating Breakfast

It doesn’t matter what you’ve got planned for your day. Maybe you’re going to spend the morning working out. Maybe you’ve got an essay or a blog article to write. Maybe you’re simply going to work. It doesn’t matter. Whatever you’re doing is going to require some physical energy and brainpower. If you haven’t fueled your body and mind with a good breakfast, then you’re probably not going to be meeting your full potential.

Gluten Free Mixed Berry + Pistachio Crumble

It's entirely possible that I have already eaten my weight in berries this summer. Every time I go grocery shopping they catch my eye and I feel like they are basically staring into my soul. They're so fresh and juicy this time of year that it's hard to resist. Especially when Whole Foods is marking their organic strawberries on sale every other week. I am perfectly content eating berries on their own (who isn't?) but I really wanted to create a gluten free dessert to use them in. Better yet, a dessert that could use a combination of fruit. Because who really wants to decide between blueberries and raspberries? Not me! 

Motivate Yourself to Continue Working Out in Summer

Let’s face it, many of us have probably slowed down our workouts because we’ve already reached our beach body goals, or we’re simply too frustrated with the heat to continue working out in those blazing conditions. It’s completely understandable, but it also means you’re slacking and getting lazy with your exercise routine. If you want to stay motivated during the summer, then here are a couple of simple tips that will help you stick to your exercise routine.

Why Your Current Exercise Routine Needs Tweaking

To stay healthy, it’s recommended you exercise for at least 20 minutes a day. After all, it gets the blood pumping around the body to improve circulation. And it can ensure you maintain a healthy weight as exercise burns the calories you have consumed during the day. But while some people do make an effort to exercise every single day, they might not be doing it in the most efficient manner. And the time they have spent exercising might be a waste. Therefore, here is why your current exercise routine needs tweaking.

How to Help Your Groceries Last Longer

Okay, food waste is a huge problem. There’s no escaping that. It is now such a problem that we can’t get our heads around it. It’s such an epidemic, kind of like climate change, that we all think we can’t have an impact on it. But what if we brought it a little closer to home. After all, expired groceries are one of the biggest sources of food waste there is, as well as a waste of your money. Urrgh. Wasted money sucks. Seriously. There is nothing more frustrating than going to make a nice breakfast with fresh berries and yogurt only to find out your berries look like they have been ravaged by the plague. It’s just the worst.

Vegan Friendly Blueberry Cashew Butter

Admittedly, I'm someone who will pay a little bit more for convenience. Between working full time, evening workouts, blog posts, recipe making and all the other commitments of life, sometimes the extra few dollars are worth it. This is not me complaining at all. I thrive on being busy, but sometimes you just want life to be easy.  Sometimes I'll buy preformed grass fed burger patties. Sometimes I'll buy shredded brussels sprouts. Does this mean I am paying a bit more for something that I could do myself? Yes, but my time is worth that $1 to me.

The Best Exercises You Can Do To Improve Your Upper Body Strength

You can run for miles and miles every day, and you may lose weight. But ultimately, you won’t be gaining strength in a critical part of your body - your core, chest, shoulders and arms. Strong legs are important, of course, but a strong upper body not only helps you look great, but it can also improve your running. With this in mind, here are some of the great exercises you can do to improve your upper body strength.

Hashbrown Casserole

I love a good casserole and we all know that I'm obsessed with breakfast, so I combined those two affections to make this killer dish. Hashbrown casseroles are a fairly standard breakfast fare, especially around the holidays if you're part of my family. Well, this recipe owns a unique twist by the use of parsnips and addition of coconut milk, which keeps it Paleo friendly. It's creamy. It's rich. It's full of flavor. AND it's easy to make.