Paleo Sides for the Perfect Summer Cookout

Holy moly is it beautiful in Chicago today! I started my weekend off with breakfast with family, a brief run in the sunshine and now I'm typing this up before heading to a baseball game. I may live in a city that hosts the World Series champs (go Cubbies!) but my first love with always be the Motor City Kitties (Detroit Tigers.) They're in town for a series against the White Sox and since the weather is so nice, how can we refuse to take in a game!?

Dairy Free Banana Bread Muffins

Overly ripe bananas are the perfect baked good ingredient because they provide a natural sweetness. You can still add in some honey, maple syrup or chocolate chips - like I did in my Double Chocolate Banana Bread - but you don't have to just to make it sweet. With these Banana Bread Muffins, I paired the bananas with coconut flour, which also has a slight natural sweetness. Add in some additional honey before baking and top with some shredded coconut and VOILA! You have a batch of super delicious, easy to make Paleo Banana Bread Muffins.

Low Carb Sweet Pepper Frittata

If you know me, you know I love my breakfast food. I love my hashes and my gluten free quiches. My Paleo pancakes and my casseroles. The list could go on. In fact, let's add to that list frittatas.  I started toying with frittatas last year. This was brought on by the fact the fact I can cook them in my cast iron, aka the greatest invention on the face of the earth. Plus, I found that frittatas are a great way to sneak in extra vegetables in the morning, like with my Green Veggie Frittata. These became a fun new way for me to try out new flavor and veggie combinations.

Why I Went Low Carb Paleo

I've never been one to count my carbs. A few years ago, when I started working out with a personal trainer they had me focusing on calories and fat. Not carbs. When I found Paleo, it was never about counting anything. It was about eating nutrient dense food that wasn't made with a bunch of crappy oils or filled with a ton of sugar or made with ingredients that I had to google. But for a week now, I've been eating a low carb, very high fat, Paleo diet. Specifically, I have been staying under 50 grams of carbs/day.  

Honey Mustard Brussels Sprout & Kale Salad

If you haven't introduced Tessemae's into your life yet, I'm about to rock your entire world. I found this company a couple years ago not too long after starting paleo when I was searching for a paleo friendly ketchup for my boyfriend. Not for me because tomatoes = gross and ketchup = ALL the tomatoes. I wasn't going to make it because I didn't want to have to taste it, so I was on the hunt for one someone else had taste tested for me. The things you do for love, huh? I ended up discovering Tessemae's.

Fire Roasted Pepper Guacamole [Guest Post: The Jolly Hostess]

As Katie is jet setting across Europe, I am so happy to be guest blogging for Personally Paleo, one of my fave blogs when it comes to non-processed and healthy eats. Being an appetizer-lover myself, and someone that is all about balance, I am obsessed with her Caramelized Onion Meatballs and Bacon Wrapped Water Chestnuts. Speaking of appetizers, they are what I live for! I am Alana and I am the author and recipe developer behind The Jolly Hostess, which features ideas, apps and cheers for busy hostesses. Appetizers are my main game and I am so excited to share my Fire Roasted Peppers Guacamole, which is served with plantain chips because, I hear you Paleos.

Barry's Bootcamp with Melanie of Get Real With Mel

Ever since they opened a Barry's Bootcamp here in Chicago, the fitness community has been obsessed. It reminds me of when SoulCycle opened up in Old Town and people peered through the glass anxiously on a daily basis trying to figure out when it was going to open so they could be among the first to cash in on blood, sweat and tears. OK, so maybe I'm talking about me. Either way, Barry's has taken 99.5% Chicago by storm (they're even opening up a second location) but somehow I was part of the .5% that hadn't poured myself into a class right away. 

Morning Glory Muffin Recipe + GIVEAWAY! [Coconut Flour E-Book Review]

Paleo baking from scratch can be a bit tricky. Finding pre-made paleo-friendly baking mixes isn't near as easy as it is if you follow a Standard American Diet or even just a solid Gluten Free diet. Sure, there are plenty of paleo friendly flours you can cook with, such as almond and coconut, but it is definitely not as easy. Speaking from experience, these flours can be a bit finicky to work with so I'm always greatful when others take time to find the best combinations for their recipes.