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Gluten Free Red Wine BBQ Wings

It’s Super Bowl weekend and no matter what team you’re rooting for, we’re all cheering for some good apps and snacks. When it comes to big sporting events like this, most people associate the games with chips/dips and a whole lot of beer. It’s no secret that I love beer (it’s literally the most non-Paleo thing I indulge in and I’m not ashamed about that)

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5 Minute Dairy Free Walnut Pesto (Vegan)

For a girl who doesn't care much for red sauce, pesto is my hero. I know, I know. Pesto isn't for everyone. But neither is red sauce if you ask me. Pasta, pizza, chicken, you name it and I'll throw pesto on it or in it. I enjoy this pesto recipe in particular because it is dairy free, sugar free, vegan friendly and Whole 30 approved.

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