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OTG Bootcamp with Erin of Loop Looks

Having been an active member of SWEAT Chicago for a year, I was no stranger to using a kettlebell in my workouts. That being said, no matter how many times I did swings or squats in those classes, I had never devoted a block of time to perfecting my form, which is surprising since I obsess over things like that. When Erin of Loop Looks suggested we meet up at OTG Bootcamp for some kettlebell work, I jumped right on that idea.

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Weekly Workout #1

All the details from last week's workouts!  I'm trying to run more and fit in some additional total body workouts. I used to rely solely on my fitness classes for the total body stuff. Now, I'm finding that I enjoy it more and more, so I decided to start creating these on my own at-home to fill in on days I don't go to classes.

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