Free + Cheap First Visit Fitness Classes - Chicago

One of my favorite aspects about living in Chicago is the access there is to a huge variety of fitness studios and classes. I absolutely love trying out new studios and finding workouts and instructors I love. But it can get expensive. I don't have tons of money to spend each month, so I want to make sure my money is well spent. I decided that before I commit to a monthly membership or class package at a studio, I wanted to be able to test the gym out. I've found most studios offer specials for first timers/new clients. By testing out new studios for free or cheap, I've found places and workouts that I truly LOVE. I'm sharing the deals I've found so you can find your favorites workouts too!

Please note: these specials are current as of Sept 28, 2018. If you know of an update or an addition that should be made, let me know! 


These are classes & studios I've personally taken and are absolutely obsessed with. I'm not affiliated with or being paid to mention any of these, I just get a real kick ass workout every time I go there!

ClassPass - $40 off 1st month!
     Take classes at a variety of studios all over Chicagoland!
     Membership Details: $40/mo for 24 credits, $60/mo for 35 credits or $120/mo for 75 credits.  Classes average from 4-9 credits depending on type + time but go as high as 19 for prime hours
     LOVING RIGHT NOW: Yoga Squad, Solidcore + Ritual Hot Yoga!

SWEAT Fitness Studios - $15 first class or $125 30 days unlimited
     Class Type: High Intensity Interval Training
     Locations: Gold Coast + Lincoln Park (newly opened!)
     LOVE: Total Body Strength (Thursday!) w/Tim or Butt & Legs (Wednesday!) w/Paul or Alex

Studio Three - $15 first class
     Class Types: Cycling, Yoga + Interval
     Location: River North
     LOVE: Cycling w/Sayre

SoulCycle - $60 3-class starter pack + free shoe rental
     Class Types: Cycling, Yoga + Interval
     Locations: Old Town + The Loop
     LOVE: Cycling w/Aya

*Ritual Hot Yoga - $50 10 days unlimited yoga + FREE private session or $30 2-class pack
     Class Types: Yoga
     Location: River North


If you see a star (*) next to the studio, that means I've personally tried it out. If it doesn't have a star, I have no experience there but if you do, I'd love your input on it! 

9Round Fitness - 1st session free
     Class Types: Kickbox
     Location: Lincoln Park

Atlas Performance - $45 3-class pack
     Class Types: Interval Training + Crossfit
     Location: Cabrini Green area (edge of Near North, Goose Island + Old Town)

*Bar Method - $20 first class or $99 1st month unlimited
     Class Types: Barre
     Location: Several locations - see here
     Read about My Month at Bar Method!

Bare Feet Power Yoga - $30 1st month unlimited
     Class Types: Yoga
     Location: West Loop

Barre Code - $12 1st class or $89 1st month unlimited
     Class Types: Barre, Interval Training, Boot Camp + more
     Location: Several locations - see here

*Body R+D - $10 1st week or $159 1st month unlimited
     Class Type: Megaformer Pilates
     Location: Lakeview

Body Shot Boxing Club - $15 1st class
     Class Types: Boxing
     Location: Pilsen

CHI50 - $10 1st class or $150 1st month unlimited
     Class Types: Megaformer Pilates
     Location: Bucktown/Wicker Park

Chicago Primal Gym - 1st session FREE
     Class Types: Kettlebell
     Location: Lakeview

Club Pilates - 1st session FREE
     Class Types: Pilates
     Location: Lincoln Park, North Center + West Loop

*CorePower Yoga - 1st week FREE
     Class Types: Yoga
     Location: Several locations - see here

Crosstown Fitness - $60 14 days unlimited or $30 2-for-1 day pass
     Class Types: Strength + Yoga
     Location: West Loop + North Side

CycMode - $15 1st class
     Class Types: Cycling
     Location: South Loop

*Cycle Bar - FREE 30 min intro class
     Class Type: Cycling
     Location: West Loop

Cycle X - $15 1st class, $39 3-class pack or $99 1st month unlimited
     Class Types: Cycling
     Location: West Loop

*ENRGi Fitness - $50 14 day trial or $99 1st month
     Class Types: Strength, Endurance, Barre, Yoga + more
     Location: River North

Exhale Spa - 2 classes for the price of 1 ($25)
     Class Types: Barre, Cardio + Yoga
     Location: Gold Coast

F45 - Buy 1 class - get 2 FREE
     Class Types: HIIT + Circuit Training
     Location: Lincoln Park North

Fit36 - 1st class FREE
     Class Types: Interval Training
     Location: Lincoln Park

*FlyWheel Sports - $15 1st class
     Class Types: Cycling + Barre
     Location: Old Town + River North

*Full Psycle - $39 2-weeks unlimited
     Class Types: Cycling
     Location: Lincoln Park

Hardpressed - 1st class FREE
     Class Types: Strength + Conditioning
     Location: River North (HP Strength) + New East Side (HP Conditioning)

*Hustle Fitness - 1st week FREE
     Class Types: Interval Training
     Location: Lincoln Park

Iron & Oar - $40 3-class pack
     Class Types: Rowing + Weights
     Location: Lakeview

Lateral Fitness - $33 3-class package
     Class Types: HIIT, Yoga + Pilates
     Location: River North

LightSpace Pilates - $10 1st mat class or $20 1st equipment class
     Class Types: Pilates
     Location: Lincoln Park

Mazi Dance Fitness - $30 1st week unlimited
     Class Types: Dance Based Strength + Cardio
     Location: Lincoln Park, Wicker Park + South Loop

On Your Mark - 1st week FREE
     Class Types: Cycling, Strength, Rowing + more
     Location: West Loop + Bucktown

OTG Bootcamp - 2 weeks FREE
     Class Types: Kettlebell, Bootcamp, Spartan + TRX Training
     Location: River West

*OrangeTheory - 1st class FREE
     Workouts: Interval Training
     Locations: Several - see here

Page One Pilates - $20 1st group reformer class
     Class Types: Barre, TRS Training , Yoga, interval + more
     Location: West Loop

Power Sculpt Fitness - 1st class FREE or $40 8-class package
     Class Types: Pilates
     Location: Lakeview

Pure Barre - 1st week FREE
     Class Types: Barre
     Location: Several - see here

Reform Chicago - 1st class FREE
     Class Types: Reformer Pilates
     Location: River North

Runn Chicago - 1st class FREE
     Class Types: Running
     Location: Noble Square

*Runner's High Studio - 1st class FREE
     Class Types: Running, Yoga + Strength
     Location: River North

SALT Fitness - $49 for 2 weeks
     Class Types: Barre, Cycle + FIT
     Location: Bucktown

Shred415 - $149 1st month unlimited
     Workouts: Interval Training
     Locations: Several - see here

The Space Between - $60 30 days unlimited or take 1 one, get 1 free
     Workouts: Yoga
     Locations: River North

SPROING Fitness - 1st week FREE
     Workouts: High Intensity Interval Training
     Locations: Lincoln Park

*Solidcore - $39 2-class package
     Workouts: Megaformer
     Locations: River North

Stiletto Dance Studios - $50 1 week unlimited
     Workouts: Pole. Dance, Yoga
     Locations: West Town

Studio Lagree- $15 1st class, $180 10-class pack or $79 3 classes in 30 days
     Workouts: Megaformer
     Locations: Lincoln Park, River North, Old Town + West Loop (coming soon!)

*Title Boxing Club - 1st class FREE
     Class Types: Boxing + Kickboxing
     Location: West Loop, South Loop, Lincoln Park + Wicker Park

*Training Revolution - 1st week FREE
     Class Types: Interval
     Location: Wicker Park + Lincoln Park

UFC Gym - 1st class FREE
     Class Types: Boxing, Kickboxing, TRX, Interval Martial Arts + more!
     Location: River North, South Loop + Wrigleyville

Yoga Now - $49 1st month unlimited
     Class Types: Yoga
     Location: River North

Yoga Squad (formerly Yoga Six) - $20 1st week
     Class Types: Yoga + Boot Camp
     Location: Gold Coast, South Loop + Lincoln Park

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