Transforming Your Diet

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When it comes to making better nutrition choices, keep one thing in mind: it is a process. 

You have to understand that the word “diet” doesn’t automatically equate to deprivation or even starvation. Livestrong warns that cutting down on calories to extreme measures is uncalled for and can immediately have a detrimental effect on your health. Possible scenarios may include the chances of increasing the risk of heart disease and sleep loss, among others. After all, the key to modifying your meals for the better is common sense and consistency. 

Follow these cues on how you can not only weed out harmful eating habits, but also ensure you are getting enough energy to work efficiently throughout the day.

Be a Morning Person

If you’ve been skipping breakfast regularly, you are in danger of falling into one of the most common diet bad habits. Rush reports that mornings minus breakfast have serious disadvantages that include increasing your chances of becoming overweight. As you deny your body the fuel it needs to jump start your day, you turn to binge-eating, snacking more, and poor choices to fill that nutritional gap.

We get it: you’re busy and you don’t have the time to cook in the morning. Nutrition sites like Personally Paleo offers a quick solution called the Bird’s Nest, that only takes five minutes to prepare and less than 10 minutes to cook. All you have to do is set your alarm a little earlier, be more pro-active about your health, and have fun while you’re improving your eating habits.

Hit the Mark

Hollywood stars know that finding longevity in Tinsel Town is not just about properly taking care of their looks and physique, but also their health. It’s also one of the best ways to stay relevant and star in big-budget films. However, there is undeniable pressure placed on their shoulders when they’ve got to handle massive movie franchises. Enter, Japanese robot toys turned globally successful live-action film series Transformers and Mark Wahlberg.

Fans adore Transformers as these sentient beings have captured the imagination via almost every entertainment platform possible. As a film series, The Numbers notes that each Transformers installment has been a colossal commercial success in its own right. As the CGI robots have made it big on the silver screen, they have experienced a similar following in the online gaming scene as well. Slots game Transformers: Battle for Cybertron from digital provider Slingo has allowed fans to experience Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, along with other well-loved franchise’s favorites in a whole new light. For any actor or actress, being a part of the popular Transformers franchise means that their health and fitness routine will likely be followed by millions.

American actor-producer Mark Wahlberg made it a point to get into even better shape for the 2017 film Transformers: The Last Knight. He embraced the challenge and worked towards polishing a better version of himself through a strict diet plan that catered to his work schedule. So, how did Wahlberg do it? 

Foods for Better Health underscores that his plan was simple as it was all anchored on eating clean and portion control. As shooting a film can be a rigorous ordeal, he made sure to have a rotation of energy-dense foods like roasted chicken, turkey burgers with sweet potatoes, whey protein, blueberries, raspberries, bananas, and apples. While you may not spend your workday fighting robots, perhaps you might struggle to eat enough food to provide you with the right amount of energy. Wahlberg’s diet plan shows that with good preparation you can receive the right nutrition to face the challenges of the day. 

We hope this article has shown you that an effective diet plan isn’t too challenging. As long as you avoid bad habits like missing breakfast and stick to a nutrition plan that will help you get through the day, you will be on the road to much healthier lifestyle.

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