Weekly Workout #1

All the details from last week's workouts!  I'm trying to run more and fit in some additional total body workouts. I used to rely solely on my fitness classes for the total body stuff. Now, I'm finding that I enjoy it more and more, so I decided to start creating these on my own at-home to fill in on days I don't go to classes.

Last Week's Workouts:

Monday:  2.5 mile run + .5 mile walk

Tuesday:  2 SWEAT Chicago Classes - Total Body Tabata
Some of the moves included:
Incline sprints
Speed sprints
TRX narrow/wide rows
DB overhead V-Ups

Wednesday: REST DAY!

Thursday: SWEAT Chicago Class - Total Body Strength
Some of the moves included:
Bar thrusters
Resistance band woodchoppers
Kettlebell lateral lunges

Friday: Unplanned rest day - had to take my dog to the Animal ER (don't worry - she's fine!)

Saturday: At-home HIIT workout w/my friend Kyra
Ladder workout (10/9/8/7/6/5/4/3/2/1):
Burpees/mountain climbers (alternate each round)
Push-up to kneeling DB curl & press
Squat jacks
DB toe touch
Reverse lunge, squat, lunge (both legs = 1)
DB tricep extensions

Sunday: At-home workout + 10 minutes stretching
15 min AMRAP of:
10 push-ups
10 star crunches
10 leg lifts
10 sit-ups
10 squats

This Week's Goal:

Run 3x over the next week - no matter how short the distance or how jammed for time I feel!

Music Motivation:

Turn Up - The Heavy
All The Way Up (Remix) - Fat Joe, Remy Ma
My Type - Saint Motel
Jungle - X Ambassadors, Jamie N Commons

Find these songs & more on my Spotify Workout playlist!

  • What are your fitness goals?
  • What songs are you listening to?
  • Any workouts you recommend?