Weekly Workout #2

Last Week's Workouts:

Monday:  2 mile run

Tuesday:  2 SWEAT Chicago Classes - Total Body Tabata
Some of the moves included:
Speed sprints
DB chest press w/static hip raise
Medball slams
Burpees + alternating lunge

Wednesday: REST DAY!

Thursday:  2.25 mile run

Friday: REST DAY!

Saturday: At home workout - 1 set, 25 reps of each exercise for a total of 250 reps
Lying heel touches (tap each heel for 1 rep)
DB windmill (each side)
DB curl + press
Side-lying leg lifts (each side)
Hip raises
Russian twists
Jumping jacks
Air squats
Tricep dips

Sunday: 1.5 mile walk, but overall mostly a rest day. I noticed a pain on the top of my foot last week whenever I put weight on it. I (stupidly) continued using it anyways, but realize now that I should take it easy so I don't completely mess it up! Today consisted of a short, leisurely walk along with some elevation of my foot and alternating hot/cold packs.

Music Motivation:

One Dance - Drake
Anywhere - Dillon Francis
All the Way Up - Fat Joe, Remy Ma

Find these songs & more on my Spotify Workout playlist!

  • How do you know when your body needs a break?
  • What are your favorite upper body focused moves?