Weekly Workout #3

All the details from last week's workouts! I noticed my foot was bothering me whenever I put weight on it this past week, so my workouts were all at home this week. We head out to backpack Zion later this week and since I will be hiking over 40 miles in the course of 3.5 days, I really need to be in tip-top shape. These workouts allowed me to cater to my bum foot but still get some movement in!

Last Week's Workouts:

Monday: REST DAY!

Tuesday: At-home workout - equipment needed: dumbbells
4 sets of 5 reps each as quickly as possible
Bulgarian split squats (each)
DB chest press w/static hip raise
DB bent over row
Squat w/forward DB extension
Wide arm push-up
Lateral lunges (each)
Total time: 13:11

Wednesday: At-home cardio heavy workout - no equipment needed. 
3 rounds of :30 on/:10 off w/:30 rest between rounds.
High knees
Squat Jumps
Mountain Climbers
Jumping Jacks
Shoulder tap push-ups
Jumping Jacks

Thursday: At-home workout - DB optional
5 sets of 8 reps each
Star crunches
Squat jumps
Pulse lunges
DB toe touches
DB hip raises


Saturday: No specific workout, but I spent the day wandering around Fort Wayne, IN on foot


Music Motivation:

Run It - Astronomar UNIIQU3
You-Remastered - Coasts
Starboy - The Weeknd

Find these songs & more on my Spotify Workout playlist!

  • Do you create your own workouts or do you pull them from a source?