Weekly Workout #5

Normally, I try and do a fairly even split between workouts at SWEAT, running and at-home routines but for the next few weeks these are going to be pretty SWEAT heavy. That's because they are in the middle of a 30 day holiday prep challenge! For 30 days, you go to as many classes as you can, get a punch on my card each time and then win prizes for each 5 you complete. They ran their first challenge back in April and I absolutely loved it, so I clearly had to sign up for this one too. I love going to SWEAT but this definitely helps motivate me to go on days where I would normally skip. For instance, I love my Tabata Tuesdays and Total Body Strength Thursdays, but I generally skip Cardio & Core Fridays. Now, I'm going whenever I can! Plus, Wednesday's tend to be my rest day so I use that as an excuse to avoid Butt & Legs day. I know I really should pop in for that so I guess I'll have to find my way to one of those classes before the 30 days are up!  Do your gyms do any challenges like this and if so, do you find them to be extra motivation?

Last Week's Workouts:

Monday: SWEAT Chicago Class - Arms/Core
Combination of AMRAPs and Tabata style today. Some of the moves included:
DB Figure 8s
DB Tricep Extenstions
Arms Only Rowing

Tuesday: SWEAT Chicago Class - Tabata
Some of my favorite moves:
Med ball go-get-ems
DB row/DB Tricep Push Ups *Alternating
Reverse lunge w/bicep curl

Wednesday: REST DAY

Thursday: SWEAT Chicago Class - Total Body Strength
Some of my favorite moves:
Kettlebell squats w/high pull
Rower seat knee tucks
Bulgarian split squats w/med ball twists

Friday: SWEAT Chicago Class - Cardio/Core
Some of my favorite moves:
1400 meter row, 7 min max - plank when done
7 min AMRAP of:
Single leg burpees
Star crunches
TRX knee tucks


Sunday: 4 mile run along the Erie Canal

Music Motivation:

Good Girls - Elle King
Body Moves - DNCE
Call on Me - Ryan Riback Remix - Starley

Find these songs & more on my Spotify Workout playlist!