Weekly Workout #6

This was the last full week of SWEAT's 30 day holiday prep challenge, so I jammed in as many classes as I could! I had actually planned on going to two classes on Monday, but stupid me forgot my shoes at home. Seriously, WHO DOES THAT?! Since I didn't make it on Monday, I signed up for Wednesday's class and successfully completed my second ever Butt + Legs class without dying! I realized how much I actually need to work on all those muscles... so looks like Wednesday's are going to become a regular visit for me.

Last Week's Workouts:

Monday: Rest Day

Tuesday: 2 SWEAT Chicago Classes - Total Body Tabata
8 rounds of each move :20 on/:10 off
Some of my favorite moves:
Incline Sprints (4, 8, 4, 8, 4, 8, 4, 8)
Lunge w/DB Curl + Press
TRX Face Pulls
DB Squat Jumps

Wednesday: SWEAT Chicago Class - Butt & Legs
4 sets with 22/11/22 reps - 8 min cap for Express class
Moves from my favorite set:
Barbell hip thrust
Barbell deadlift
BOSU air squats

Thursday: SWEAT Chicago Class - Total Body Strength Circuit
6 rounds of :45 on/:15 off to transition to next move.
Some of my favorite moves:
Marching knee sit-ups
KB goblet squat + pulse
TRX pull ups
Lateral box jumps

Friday: SWEAT Chicago Class - Cardio & Core
6 different 6 minute intervals (7 minutes for non-express class). Two of the intervals I liked: 
Interval 1 -
6 minute AMRAP
20 super burpees (burpee + push up, knee to elbow & tuck jump)
20 star crunches
Interval 2 - 
:45 on/:15 off
3 rounds of rowing
3 rounds of rower seat sit ups

Saturday: SWEAT Chicago Class - Total Body
2 rounds of 5 different sets w/4 mins at each set. Two of the sets I likes:
Set 1 - AMRAP (10 reps each move)
BOSU DB hammer curls
BOSU DB narrow chest press
BOSU DB oblique crunches
Set 2 - AMRAP (10 reps each move)
Barbell back rack squat
Barbell front rack lunges
Plyo push-ups

Sunday: REST DAY

Music Motivation:

Should've Been Us - Lost Kings Remix - Tori Kelly
Dust My Shoulders Off - Timbaland

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