Weekly Workout #4

All the details from last week's workouts!  Confession: this is actually from two weeks ago. I spent the second half of that week backpacking Zion National Park in Utah and holy crap, was it gorgeous! It was also exhausting, so I took the majority of last week off to recover my body.  Anyway, since all I was doing was hiking up and down different elevations wearing a 40 pound backpack, that counts as one heck of a workout. I'll be detailing my meal plan and trip in a separate post if you have questions on backpacking Paleo!

Last Week's Workouts:

Monday: 2 mile run

Tuesday: SWEAT Chicago Class - Total Body Tabata
Some of the moves included:
Kneeling DB shoulder press
Box step-ups with curl
Sprints with 1% incline increase each round
DB lateral lunges


Thursday: 10 mile hike through Zion

Friday: 20 mile hike through Zion

Saturday: 8 mile hike through Zion

Sunday: 6 mile hike through Zion

Music Motivation:

Marching Bands - Neon Dreams
Trainwreck - Banks
Clumsy - Britney Spears

Find these songs & more on my Spotify Workout playlist!